Slipform Poetry Workshop

Washington, DC, Slipform Poetry Workshop participant and contributor to the Moon Salt Poetry Chapbook. (Cover image by Oliver Bendorf: https://www.facebook.com/oliver.bendorf). … More

The doe

“…Her velvet ears and velvet nose Ask to be fingered. Her organs Thaw the ice outside Because it’s winter….” E-publication … More


“In a world where male-female transactions always seem to be laced with suspicion, tension, mixed messages and latent motivations, the … More

The Pit

“I grit my teeth and prayed to the man above that I would not pass out here at the subway … More

All Twelve

“…the hairdresser took out a small brown vial from her apron pocket, like a wicked witch scene from a Disney … More

Epistle to Medea

“…the leaves blew back on spotted trees, yet the branches stilled, on which you sat in hiding with your knived … More

A Guide to Kayaking

“He would study her figure with predatory precision, settling his eyes on her hair and lips and the way her … More

An Infected Ear

“And so we remained, not touching or speaking. The air conditioning continued to whistle from the upper vents. White blood … More

Your Terrible Thirteenth Birthday Gift

“You labor through vivid dreams about shedding yourself like a too-tight snakeskin and donning her personhood with relief, the only … More

If Godwits Could Speak

  “He initiated a crusade to annihilate identity by systematically removing the native language from every ear, tongue, and eye.”  … More

Gnats at Tiger Uncle’s Funeral

“A musty corner inside of me relished imagining his voice on the death bed, to get such a confirmation of … More

Letter to Freud

“…and this is where it begins, dear Freud, this genetic, inherited smoke is heady and thick, and this is why … More

Hwadu Attempt I

“Barely attainable, this; mere fragment of thread, sheer membrane looming between toes spread. Empty the head, fill in with white. … More


“This woman who birthed me…refused to let us know how and what had conquered her agency that morning. Something had … More